Our vision, at The Meikles Foundation is

To create a sustainable ecosystem where the vulnerable and disadvantaged in Zimbabwe are empowered.


      • Meikles Foundation needs a transformation strategy that will allow it to be scalable, sustainable and create value through social, moral, strategic and environmental initiatives in Zimbabwe.
      • The Purpose of the Foundation is to co-ordinate and facilitate corporate social responsibility initiatives that yields the maximum possible positive outcomes from a moral and ethical perspective, touching the lives of as many as possible in Zimbabwe.
      • There is a great opportunity for the Meikles Foundation to collaborate more closely with the Meikles Subsidiary Divisions to work more collectively in driving certain projects that will ultimately benefit both the Foundation and the Subsidiaries and thereby the entire Meikles brand.
      • To this end, Each Foundation initiative will also be more critically evaluated with a view to investing in those projects that can deliver more mutual benefits across both the Foundation and the Meikles Group – thereby unlocking the greatest value. In so doing, the 2020+ Strategy will shift to focus on delivering more scalable projects that are further reaching to achieve maximum community upliftment.
      • This refreshed Purpose and Strategy will ensure a more holistic approach to Corporate Social Responsibility that is ultimately more scalable and sustainable in the long-term.


To contribute towards improved community welfare (especially the youth and the elderly), particularly in community health, education, shelter, art and sport, and  make a difference towards nature conservation in Zimbabwe.


To create a long-term roadmap for our business by empowering partnerships that create value through social, moral, strategic and environmental CSR initiatives in Zimbabwe.


      • To care for and protect those who are most in need, often children, the youth and the elderly, with a special focus on providing sponsorships and learning for all youth and women in Zimbabwe
      • To promote sustainable development through initiatives protecting wildlife and the environment
      • To create an interactive learning and professional environment where local businesses can come together
      • To protect local artists and contribute to artistic excellence by funding initiatives that promote achievement in the literary, visual and performing arts, and to encourage the people of Zimbabwe to appreciate such excellence


The Meikles Foundation was formally constituted in 2014.

However, the will and desire to assist the vulnerable of Zimbabwean society began long before that, thanks to co-founder Jeane Moxon, a dedicated humanitarian ambassador.

The Meikles name

has been intertwined with the country’s history for over a decade. Brothers Stewart, Thomas and Jack Meikle brought transport and retail to the region in the 1890s.

Their threefold business strategy of careful assessment of customer and market needs, reasonable pricing and a continuous supply of products ensured the Meikles brothers success enabling expansion into Bulawayo, Harare (Salisbury) Masivingo (Fort Victoria) and Mutare.


The philanthropy endeavours of the Meikle family in general and Thomas Meikle in particular have been in play as early as 1900’s and continue today.


Ventures into the hotel industry came later under the leadership of Thomas (Tom) Meikle with the first luxury hotel built in 1915, a modern version of which still stands on the original piece of land in central Harare.


The Meikles Foundation constitutes a Board of Trustees who provides guidance and governance for the Foundation. The day to day operations, encompassing all areas, is managed by an Executive Director, assisted by volunteers and partners.

C. Mpfou


S. Ndoro


J. Moxon


E. Fuchs


S. King


We, at the Foundation, believe in that old adage saying,

‘give a man a fish and you feed him for a day,

teach him how to fish, and you feed him for life’